Daniel Walter

(609) 921-2996

Meet Daniel Walter, President of Halberstadt Insurance Services LLC (HIS), a national field marketing organization (FMO) dedicated to the marketing and distribution of Medicare products across the United States.

Daniel’s primary focus is on collaborating with his team to develop optimal strategies for recruiting and training independent agents and agencies. His goal is to empower them to build substantial residual income by effectively selling Medicare products to both new and existing clients, all while maintaining strict compliance with industry regulations.

With nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Daniel Walter is a seasoned entrepreneur with a clear mission:

1. **Empowerment**: To equip agents and agencies with the knowledge, tools, and contracts they need to excel in the rapidly growing Medicare segment of the insurance market.

2. **Expertise**: To leverage his team’s expertise in product development, marketing, and compliance to create and deliver effective training programs, webinars, podcasts, and newsletters. These resources cover the latest trends, updates, and best practices in Medicare, ensuring that agents stay well-informed.

3. **Access**: To provide agents and agencies across the nation with access to contracts with the largest insurers of Medicare products.

4. **Personalized Support**: To offer personalized support and guidance to agents and agencies, helping them navigate the complexities of the Medicare space successfully.

With Daniel’s leadership and commitment to excellence, HIS is dedicated to being a trusted partner for agents and agencies looking to thrive in the competitive world of Medicare insurance.

October 9th, 2023 by Halberstadt Insurance Services, LLC